Erica Dean, Mentor and Life Coach for Soft Landings

“If there is any part of you contemplating, questioning, or seeking answers about yourself, then you are in the right place to receive Erica’s gifts.”

“I came to Erica with specific trauma I wanted to unravel and heal. She guided my healing deeper into layers that I would not have been able to identify or move through without her. Erica knows when to push and when to nurture, when to add more modalities and when to ground in on a specific practice. Working with her has expanded my empathy and love of self, and others. She has helped me understand my wounds and patterning, and taught me how to harness that awareness to stay present and create a life based on authenticity and choice. I have gathered so much wisdom and healing from my work with Erica. I am deeply grateful for her, and wholeheartedly recommend her coaching for anyone seeking healing and expansion in their life.”

– Megan Butterworth

“The first thing I felt when I met Erica was fully welcomed and safe to be myself in my deepest vulnerability. She brings the grounded presence of a warrior and the spiritual and nurturing qualities of a mother. She really listens with depth. Rather than pushing a rigid modality she weaves her healing in a way that’s most authentic to what is needed in each moment. Most importantly she’s a person of deep, deep integrity. A person you can trust, and a woman of the earth. To experience being guided by her in nature was something I’ll hold in my heart forever.”

– Dorian Drislane

“When I look back at the growth in so many aspects of my life throughout the last few years, Erica’s impact is stamped all over it. She has introduced me to new dialogue and perspectives as well as practiced and explored their application in my life. The space created both physically and figuratively has been a playground for me to meet my Self and love him there, a coliseum to battle out my limitations, and an oasis of love that I can visit whenever I need. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help guide me, push me, show me, challenge me, and love me through the work. Soft landings, Erica… I carry you with me always, thank you for sharing your gifts with me.”

– David Richards