Erica Dean, Mentor and Life Coach for Soft Landings

Falling wildly in love with all of the parts of yourself that have been banished for too long is your portal into true liberation. And by giving yourself full permission to dive deeply into your past experiences and questioning, without shame, all of the societal constructs and limiting beliefs placed upon you will lead you home to your most authentic expression.

All of the custom tailored containers at Soft Landings will provide you with the highest level of support as you courageously move into these spaces.

One-on-one Coaching

The one-on-one coaching empowers you to lean into your leading edges so you are able to begin the transformation that allows you to take full ownership of a life that is authentic and on purpose. These containers allow us to be in the conversation, in the co-creation of your higher self embodiment. Our space is created to feel structured enough to provide you with all of the support and accountability you will need in order to expand but flexible enough to allow for your individual expression to lead the way.

We will play at the intersection of spirituality, personal development, sensuality, and introspection. We will explore, awaken, disarmor, and heal. And we will meet every version of you with compassion, encouragement, curiosity, and excitement.

Group Coaching

One of the more potentially challenging aspects of this work is the temporary feeling of aloneness while you are moving through changes in value and belief structures. You will undoubtedly be shifting and shedding layers of yourself that are no longer serving today’s version of you. The group coaching container allows you to move through your evolution with your chosen tribe. Working in group spaces has the ability to place you up against edges you didn’t know were present through shared vulnerability and commitment.

Group Coaching containers can hold space for 2-4 participants. Gather a few courageous friends and embark on this beautiful journey together!

Rewilding Nature Retreats

Reconnecting to the knowing that you are NATURE is the most powerful portal into your authenticity and truth. Allowing yourself to be stripped of everyday comforts and giving yourself full permission to get raw and dirty with Mother Earth – Rewilding Yourself! – will bring you back home to the purest version of you and help guide you to your purpose.

Rewilding containers range from single-night camping adventures to week-long treks through the backcountry.

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