Erica Dean, Mentor and Life Coach for Soft Landings

It is so wonderful to meet you.

My name is Erica Dean and for the last ten years I have been on a quest. In my early 20s I found myself in a position so many of us are familiar with. My life was moving full-speed ahead in a direction I never actually chose. I was blindly being led into a manufactured version of myself, void of self-awareness and authentic expression.

The journey home to myself has been extraordinary – heart wrenching break-ups, reconnecting with an estranged parent, examining addictive behavior, and surrendering to the pain I had been so desperately trying to escape from. I began the process of realizing my patterns and identity structures. I became so wildly curious about who I was and what I believed in.

I gave myself full permission to shift and shed anything that was no longer serving my true purpose. I allowed myself to die - over and over and over.

I have worked with therapists, teachers, healers, shamans, and guides. I have sat in group containers, medicine spaces, retreats, women’s circles, and one-on-one coaching commitments. I have leaned into multiple modalities, including mediation, yoga, breath work, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, IFS, womb healing, and ecstatic dance.

My quest has led me so beautifully to this exact moment – the moment I get to answer a call to be in support of you and your leading edge. To be a personal invitation for you to lean into the transformation you’ve been searching for. To be a bridge between you and your highest timeline.

It is my deepest joy and my highest honor to walk beside you on your path home to yourself.